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VP Sound


VP Production Sound-Design Studio is a team that provides services of complex sound production. We create music, sound effects and voice over records for video games, movies, trailers, advertising and other media projects.

Our key element is thoughtful approach to the project, its characters and events. With the help of sound design we help to reveal the depth of the visual project, to convey its character and atmosphere, to create mood and emotional binding for its audience.

VP Production works in lots of genres: orchestral, electronic, ambient, rock and many others.

We propose a full-cycle production of sound-effects from foley recording / synthesis to integration via Wwise / FMOD into Unreal Engine 4 / Unity3D.

Our studio is always open for clients: game producers, film directors, project and product managers and basically anyone who is looking for a great sound production.

Please, feel free to contact us and tell everything about your project!

Vlad Plotnikov

Vlad Plotnikov

Some words from founder:

"Hello everyone!

My name is Vlad Plotnikov, I am composer, producer and founder of VP Production. I have over seven years of experience in sound-industry. My studio “VP Production” provides full-stack services: composing, creating of sound-effects, mixing, mastering, integration of audio-content and future maintenance of your project. We always introduce new technologies of sound creating.

But the most important thing to us is to make your project's sound powerful and unique. With our help you can be sure your game, film or advert will be even more outstanding!"