Bronze Hoof



Bronze Hoof is an antique-style hardcore arcade game. It is truly hardcore in every sense: from the positioning of the developers («you will certainly suffer in our game») to the way we wrote the soundtrack (we’ve worked on it for two years).


Sound concept

Initially, we aimed to create an epic mixture of an orchestra and audacious electronics as the developer wanted.


Later, we’ve transformed this idea. In the final version, the main «role» in the soundtrack plays an epic orchestra framed by various styles, among which the most recognizable ones are Egyptian and Ancient Eastern.

The instruments of the orchestra intentionally do not sound too «lively». This is necessary so that the music complements the cartoonish gameplay in the right manner.

The main task of the soundtrack is to help the player feel his or her coolness even more while passing each level.



The project could not be completed without a puzzle for the composer. The main difficulty was that each level was divided by portals, between which the melody must change significantly. However, there still should be only one track for the level.


Besides, portals are often scattered in level, and this does not allow you to make a linear track with smooth transitions from one part to another.

As a result, we had to adjust the arrangement to the design of each level to avoid sharp breaks in the melody as much as possible.

That is why music is best evaluated in the context of the game when it works together with the gameplay.



As part of the Bronze Hoof project, our team also created sound effects. Here, the main task was to maintain the general atmosphere of the game.


How the music works you can check it here:


Download the game.

Original Game Soundtrack of Bronze Hoof on YouTube:

Original Game Soundtrack of Bronze Hoof on Soundcloud:

Music by Vlad Plotnikov

Sound design by Vlad Plotnikov, Stolen Forest & Anna Sharova