About client

monobank is a product of cooperation of Universal Bank and the Fintech Band team. monobank is a progressive personal banking tool.



It was needed to create system sounds for the best banking application in Ukraine. We had to design notification sounds that would further add recognition to monobank and make it even more outstanding. And of course they should reflect the general spirit and be easy to like.



We decided to start with the existing character of the app – the QR cat. It gave a lot of space for ideas.

It was clear that exclusively organic sounds were needed  – the human brain is more susceptible to this kind of sounds. Such choice fit just right into the overall concept of a user-friendly interface.

We conducted a series of experiments with the meows and rumblings of a real cat, added to them various sound effects such as a cash register and wooden percussion instruments. We pursued the main goal – to make the notification sounds functional and cozy at the same time.



In the first iteration of monobank audio branding creating , we developed 5 sounds:

  • refill
  • withdrawal
  • info-notification from the bank
  • choice of cashback
  • standard notification


You can listen to them below: