Category: gamedev

Service: music composing, sound design

Genre: timekiller

Platform: Android, iOS

Developer: Crazy Ball Studio

Work on the project: Vlad Plotnikov, Alexander Falinsky


About the game

Piratemania! – is a hyper-casual timekiller in which you need to hunt and capture ships to become the legendary pirate.

Throw the grappling hook away and catch dozens of boats of different sizes and shapes. Sometimes you will even be lucky enough to capture some treasure chests.

You will pump skills with the proceeds from sea hunting so that in the next try you can collect even more goods and finally capture new seas and territories. Ahoy!


You can download the game Google Play / AppStore.


Sound concept

From the very first minute, it was clear that the sound should be as «pirate-y» as possible and at the same time casual. This determined the choice of instruments: accordion, flutes, violins and battle drums.

The main theme itself should not have been too serious, so we made it playful and intentionally added a simplified reference to the Zimmer main theme of «Pirates of the Caribbean.»

We made ambient and sounds thematic and created most of them from organic sounds: the cries of gulls, the sound of waves, the sound of wood and rope. This adds an atmosphere of «veracity» in contrast to the background track.



There were even two challenges on this project: the deadline for the project and the duration of the soundtrack.

We can’t tell a lot about the first one — we had less than 2 working days for everything. The terms were more than short, but it’s good that we have S.O.S. package especially for such cases.

But the duration of the soundtrack made the composer reflect. Only 1 minute for looped music in the timekiller is a high risk that the player will get tired of it right away and will turn off the sound. It was necessary to find a solution.

To resolve this, the track was divided into 6 parts, which differ in sound, while together form a single melody. This allowed us to diversify the composition and make it less tiring to perceive.



You can watch the video of gameplay with the background music below:

Main Theme: