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Music Composing

It is not an easy task to create music for the game, film or advertising. After all, you do need not just to compose or pick up a sequence of sounds. It is necessary to fully support the visual component, reveal its character and atmosphere, put the viewer or player in the desired emotional state. To ensure a full immersion a free download music is not enough – you need to create part of the story. 

VP Production team uses a really thoughtful approach for the creation of melodies for your projects. Our main task is to emphasize the ideas that you have put in your work. Whether it’s music for mobile games, commercials, AAA projects or independent shortcuts, we strive to fully convey the essence of events and characters, to allow them to become more complex and alive. 

We believe in the power of open and adequate dialogue – it is thanks to it that the best musical themes for any type of projects are created. You will become a full-fledged participant in the development process, you can evaluate the ideas of the composer from the very beginning, select the best ones and monitor their further progress. 

Background music for games nowadays gives way to more cinematic melodies that allow you to create emotional tension even in time killer type of games. And if you are interested to involve more players in the process, prolong their game session and, in the end, leave them passionate about your product, VP Production is exactly the team that you need. 

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