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Sound effects are an important component of audio design of any project. They directly affect the quality of the final product: sounds make players or viewers believe in what is happening on the screen. At the same time, they are able to supplement the music-created atmosphere in the game or film even further, influence the emotions and the state of the audience. Therefore, it is necessary to take the sound design creation seriously. 

When creating a sound design for your projects, VP Production team carefully analyzes the visual component: its mood, message, the actions that are taking place. We do not just pick some sounds, we put them into a single system with music, we make sure that each sound effect has the right sound and maintains the overall atmosphere. 

Each sound is created based on your wishes and requirements that are dictated by a specific project. For this we use synthesis, as well as foley recording – to create unique sound effects that will suit your product. 

Sound design is not a simple stage in creating anything: from computer games to real toys. You will need time, immersion in the process of cooperation and attentive attitude to the development. But if you understand that downloading free sounds for the project is not your choice, we are happy to help you! 

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