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Voice over

Quality voice over is one of the ways to reveal more deeply the nature of the character as well as to add some charisma to him. We will help your hero speak English, Russian, Ukrainian and French. Voice over actors of the VP Production team are native speakers and have experience in voice-over of games, cartoons and commercials. 

The value of quality voice over is very difficult to overemphasize. Like dubbing, it performs an important role in the convey of the artistic vision of any project. Voice over is an integral part of the narrative, characters and general atmosphere. 

Professional voice over actors have more than a well-trained voice and clear pronunciation. They can use the elusive intonations to convey the state of the characters, their emotions, messages and experiences. 

A suitable voice over equally with musical and sound design helps spectators or players to believe in what is happening on the screen. Unlike music, it is universally understandable element, thanks to which the trust to the product can be built. 

VP Production team strives to create high-quality and complex sound design, that’s why after all the necessary voice over coordination, each audio file is processed in accordance with the requirements of the sound system of the project. You get a voice over, which will sound exactly as your product needs. 

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