[RUS] Lecture “The problem of sound design in indie projects or how not to ruin your idea with a bad sound”

Lecturer: Vlad Plotnikov, composer and producer of VP Production.  

This lecture was recorded at Indie Game Developers Odessa meeting №6 on February 26, 2016. During this session, Vlad:  


  1. Spoke aboutthe most common problems and questions that arise at all stages of the game production from the point of view of the sound designer.  
  2. Gave some recommendations forimproving the development process.
  3. Shared his advice on how to add uniqueness to projects using music and sounds.


For the lecture video materials of the company Plarium “Stormfall” (author’s sound design and music) and L. Panesse & L. Lorenzini “Prodigious Baby” were used.