VP Production’s CEO on Get IT Conference

VP Production’s CEO Vlad Plotnikov was a speaker on Get It Conference on September 2 of 2017. His session was dedicated to Sound Design Management in Game Projects.

We’ve got so much reviews and positive feedback from audience, game developers and organizers. It seems that it was interesting!

You can watch video materials from Vlad’s session on Get IT Conference 2017 here.

This lecture will help you realize how to organize integration of sound into the game project, solve the most common problems at all stages of project production and influence the final product uniqueness with a smart sound design. Whether you are a game designer, project manager, artist, CEO or programmer, you’ll get some useful information in understandable and interesting way!

Some words from Vlad Plotnikov: “It was a great experience to present our company and especially sound-design studio at Get It Conference. Such a good organization, audience and atmosphere. Thanks everyone!”